The Method Actor Approach to Design

October 25, 2015, filed under Designness.

I spotted that expression in a recent interview with branding luminary Michael Beirut of Pentagram. Despite being a practitioner of this rather compulsive form of design thinking for as long as I can recall, I have never quite paused to acknowledge it in words…

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The Inertia of Middle East Advertising

June 15, 2013, filed under Observatory.

This post originally appeared as an opinion piece for dotmena in April 2013.
Our track record in the Middle East across any given sector points roughly in the same proverbial direction as the approaching iceberg. Instead of learning from the iceberg…

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An Agency’s Road from Denial to Self-Discovery

February 9, 2013, filed under Designness, Observatory.

Disruption Led by Pixels
Let’s face it: regardless of industry, globalisation punched each of us in the gut–and hard. The very nature of competition mutated—and not just in the cliched China-beats-everybody kind of way. In the design world (note: advertising is…

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7½ Lessons from Designyatra 2012

September 4, 2012, filed under Designness, Observatory.

Last week, I happen to attend Kyoorius Designyatra 2012–an alarmingly inspiring event that bridges the divide between the popular irrelevance of design as a concept, and it’s real global impact. With speakers (some of whom I now call friends)…

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Why Facebook & Twitter Will Kill Democracy

February 18, 2011, filed under Observatory.

What the web did to power hierarchy was good for the world. As with every revolution, that first bit before critical mass hits is the most interesting. That’s because it’s the little players, the non-corporatized individuals who wake up to…

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The Entrepreneurial Fixation of 2010

December 31, 2010, filed under Dubaiism.

This piece was originally published on The Huffington Post and appears on HishamWyne.com as part of a collaborative snapshot of the UAE in 2010. Fellow contributors include Hisham Wyne, Sultan Saood Al Qassemi, Paul Castle and Hind Shoufani.

Every year, a singular…

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4Men Interview: Who Dares Wins

September 25, 2010, filed under Uncategorized.

This article by Hisham Wyne featured in 4Men Magazine and Gulf News, September 2010, and profiles local entrepreneurs, including Mohammad and Peyman of WildPeeta, Danish Farhan of Xische, film maker Ashraf Ghori, the GoNabit duo and Mohammed Abedein of Foo…

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PSFK Interview: New Media Trends in the Middle East

August 25, 2010, filed under Uncategorized.

The interview below was originally published on PSFK.com
Not many individuals in the Middle East can speak with as much authority as Dubai’s Danish Farhan, CEO of Xische. Having lived in Dubai for well over 20 years, and having a…

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BBC’s ‘Dubai Dashed Dreams’ a Camouflaged Slur

July 18, 2010, filed under Dubaiism.

Earlier this evening, BBC World aired a much publicised documentary that immediately labels itself with calculated negativity in the title “Dubai Dashed Dreams.” Embedded above is the Arabic version. I will post the English feature as soon as it…

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Dubai 2000-2020: A Utopian Future in the Present

July 16, 2010, filed under Dubaiism.

Dubai: 2000′s. A bustling economy is poised for unchartered growth as the world watches a tiny city-state make its mark. The city quickly rises out of sands into global top ten lists: quality of life, business-friendliness, tax-freedom, autonomy, cultural…

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Over-Analysis and the Art of Complication

March 20, 2010, filed under Observatory.

When was the last time you reviewed a report? One that was about to change things for your company? A series of beautifully crafted infographics with an unending series of ‘findings’ that range from Excel-ed numerics to complicated aggregate metrics?…

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